Apr 25



We have had a very unusually high amount of Bear activity on the mountain this year.

There have been many reports of several bears on the lower, south side bottom by the river, Big Bend lower road up to Juniper drive.  Many game catchers have been getting the bears on camera.  However at least one cabin owner has had a reoccurrence of one particular bear that was getting more aggressive in looking for food.  Another owner had his truck scratched up because a trash bag was in the back.

The Division of Natural Resources (DNR) was called in to help and they were able to successfully trap, tranquilize and remove that one particular bear and relocate him to West Mountain.  This bear was over 300 pounds and was looking food.

EVERYONE on the mountain must take preventive care!

Here are the top three things you can do right now to protect you and your family

#1 – Please, remove ALL hummingbird feeders

#2 – Please, remove all other bird and squirrel feeders

# 3 – Please do not leave your trash outside – if you must leave it out make sure you have bear resistant garbage cans and store away from tents, trailers, trucks, etc.

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The AHOA Board has now reorganized the members

The new AHOA board members have met and reorganized the members, we are pleased to report Steve Riley is now the new Aspen Hills Association President!

We welcome Steve to his new role as we thank Kent and Judy Player and Danny and Linda Nelson for all the years they have all dedicated their time/lives to make the mountain better for all of us!

For more information on the new board reorganization, assignments  – click here

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